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Glass Tempering Furnace

We provide Glass Tempering Furnace that can increase the strength of sheet glass from four to six times. Our Glass TEMPERING Furnaces are based on innovative gas heating technology and as such do not require heavy power consumption unlike electrically heated furnace.

Gas fired flat glass tempering plant is an innovative technology for toughening of sheet glass. It has many striking benefits and features over conventional electrically heated plants, like fast heating up, lowest operating cost, minimum breakage and ease of operation.

NORTHEAST plants are manufactured using important key components like ceramic rollers, programmable Logic control (PLC), Kevlar ropes etc. from world known suppliers like GF & S, USA; SIEMENS, Germany and TUFTEMP, USA.

Our machines are manufactured, assembled and tested in India. Our customers are very comfortable about prompt spares and service availability. Due to very low electrical demands (thanks to gas heating), Glass Tempering Furnace , offered by us, can be installed easily in city areas, and can be operated by even Gensets in remote areas where electrical supply conditions are poor. Over a period of time, our plants have earned a good name in product quality, economical running and quick service.

Features Of Glass Tempering Furnace

  • Heating time from cold is only 2 hrs. as compared to 6-8 hrs in electrically heated furnaces
  • No heavy electrical demand (ONLY 300 HP) as compared to 1200-1500 hp of electrically heated furnaces
  • Can be run on generating set in remote areas where electricity is not available or irregular.
  • Glass Breakage in furnace is practically NIL as compared to electrical furnaces.
  • Total Convection heating system.
  • Very low operating cost as heating is done by gas.
  • Minimum maintenance as compared to electrical heaters replacements.
  • Furnace can be cooled down completely between successive plant operations as compared to electrically heated furnaces are required to be maintained at 300 to 400 deg C during shut downs.
  • Ceramic rollers, PLC controls, mode of conveyance of glass and all other automatic operating features are same as electric imported furnaces.
  • No difference in quality of toughened glass due to gas heating and electric heating.
  • Quick availability of services and spares due to indigenous technology.
  • Key components are of world class standards.

Sizes Available

  • 8 FT x 12 FT
  • Special sizes can be manufactured on request.


Type Automatic
Certification CE Certified
Weight 1000-1500kg
Voltage 220V
Usage Heating Process
Power 3-6kw
Driven Type Electric
Warranty 1 Year
After-sales Service Provided Spare Parts


Plant size Production Capacity Sq. Ft/Hr (12 mm) Electrical Power Required HP/KW Gas consumption KG/HR (LPG) Cum/HR (CNG) Plant Area without washing machine, CEP m/c and gas bottle spaces
200 / 147 270* 90/67 15* 20* 65FT x 25FT
300 / 220 375* 150/110 20* 25* 75FT x 35 FT

Note : These figures are estimated values with best operating conditions. Variation in these figures is likely in case of operating conditions, quality of gas and other factors at the time of production.